Scientific and Technical Secretariat

The WLO Scientific and Technical Secretariat is currently located in Bilbao, Spain and led by the Chief Operating Officer. The general responsibility of the Secretariat is to manage the overall affairs of WLO. It functions as an agency for implementing and monitoring board approved policy and initiatives. It coordinates the general scientific strategy and implements the different WLO programmes and activities. The Secretariat also works as a communication center providing information and documentation services to members, special interest groups, centers of excellence, and other appropriate bodies.

Languages spoken at the office:

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Basque

Learning Chinese

Cristina Ortega

Chief Operating Officer

PhD Cristina Ortega Nuere

BsC in Human & Social Sciences

MsC Leisure Management

PhD in Leisure and Human Development

Isabel Verdet

Research & Publications

BsC Journalism & Translation

MsC Erasmus Mundus, Master of arts in Euroculture

PhD in Leisure and Human Development


Legal Advisor

Collaborators and Interns

Mireia Iglesias

Communication & Events

BsC Communication

MsC Event and Congress Managament

PhD candidate in Leisure and Human Development

Sandra del Campo

Events Assistant

Izaskun Uribe

Tax and Accountant Advisor

BsC Economics

MsC International Tax Management

Mirentxu Gabikagogeaskoa

Graphic Designer