Jun 18 2017
Bangkok Sukhumvit Red Light District

CALL FOR CHAPTERS: Sex and tourism: Exploring the light and the dark

Sex and tourism has arguably been an understudied area of research relative to the central roles that sex plays within tourism experiences. Under the broad umbrella of sex, concepts such as sensual, sexual, love, romance, and erotic have similarly been under-researched within tourism. As a result, much of the complexity and nuanced nature of sex in tourism has arguably yet to be explored in great detail. It has been suggested that this situation is a consequence of social norms and values that continue to mitigate against open discussions of sex, even in a world that is increasingly saturated by public displays of sex. One of the primary foci of the relatively small amount of research on sex and tourism has been on the dark side of the issue; concerning the abuse of individuals and segments of society and focused around commercial sex tourism. While an important area of study it has arguably overshadowed the light side of sex and tourism which is not related to abuse of power and individuals but is, instead, about pleasure and fun; issues which are themselves important and worthy of investigation. Combined, the light and dark side of sex and tourism can speak to issues of disempowerment and empowerment, and social and individual well-being.


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Jun 8 2017

World Leisure Organization – Innovation Prize 2017 – Call for Applications

See and download the Official Call here:


The 7th edition of the World Leisure International Innovation Prize seeks to recognize organizations that have implemented creative solutions which foster local, national or international leisure opportunities for the benefit and development of individuals and communities.

The originality, creativity, and innovation should be demonstrated related to process (vision, management and communications), resources (financial viability and human such as volunteers), partnerships and community involvement, outputs (program, events and amenities) and outcomes. Innovation may mean a new idea or it may mean finding creative solutions through leisure to existing problems and issues.

Leisure is considered in its broadest sense including culture, tourism, sports and recreation. Including different kind of initiatives related to: policies, management, education, research, children, youth, aging, wellbeing, access and inclusion, diversity, gender, health, events, digital leisure, nature, travel, etc.).


Applications criteria

The Prize is open to any public, voluntary, or private sector organization.

We welcome programmes, projects, services and policies that demonstrate, originality and creativity and have been operational for more than two years, showing an evidence of its long-term sustainability. The objectives of the project must be clearly stated providing examples that they have been met successfully. The project should contribute to promote social, cultural, economic, and environmental quality in the community. In addition, applicants must demonstrate that their project does not exist elsewhere but it could be potentially adapted to other situations.

Application submission and deadline

Applications can be submitted in either English or Chinese. The written statement (excluding applicant’s name and contact details) is limited to 1,500 words. Graphs and data tables illustrating the project are acceptable.

The statements must be received by WLO Secretariat by 12.00hrs Central European time (CET) 31st August 2017 and should be sent in Adobe PDF format to

Download full document for further information.

Prize Winners

Initiated in 2006 the World Leisure Organization has awarded projects all over the world offering them a unique opportunity to be recognized by a high international level audience, gaining prestigious position and promotion in the leisure field.

The 2017 Innovation Prize winner, furthermore and including the international promotion and recognition, will have the opportunity to present the project to a large international audience, at the World Leisure Expo in the city of Hangzhou, China. The World Leisure Expo previous edition in 2011 gathered over 15 million visitors from China, Asia and the World.

The winning organization representative will also receive the “George” trophy, in honor of George Torkildsen, a physical symbol/statue reflecting the unique social, cultural characteristics of the physical, cultural or social geography of Hangzhou.

Winning organization may also use the title “2017 World Leisure International Innovation Prize Winner” and the Innovation Prize logo in their future media information. Travel and accommodation will be fully funded to attend the 2017 World Leisure Expo.

Highly Commendable

World Leisure will recognize and award projects that are judged to be “Highly Commendable”.

Download full document for further information.

For further questions, please contact us at:

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May 3 2017

WLO Inspiring guest visits!

Mary Xiao Yang, from Travel&Leisure China, and Helena Ma from IDEA Communication

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May 3 2017

WLO Introduction to HTW Chur Tourism – Students

WLO COO with Leisure Management – Tourism Program students from HTW Chur Tourism – Switzerland

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