General Information

Programme: Study Tour Emirates


An intense interactive four-day programme will include lectures, study visits, cultural tours, and lively discussions led by experts in the eld to create a once in a lifetime experience to learn about arts and culture in the Gulf countries.

his educational study tour aims to foster international exchanges of ideas, projects, and best practice among participants coming from di erent world regions. An unique and intensive experience will be provided through discovery with special focus on aspects of the UAE development, highlighted by the Louvre Abu Dhabi project in the “Cultural District” of Saadiyat Island. Thanks to the study tour’s partnership with ENCATC member, the Louvre Museum, this study tour is opening presenting a rare opportunity to discover and debate the question of culture in the Gulf Countries, and particularly the role of museums in the frame of the contemporary cultural and social cosmopolitism.

Furthermore, cooperation among European and UAE educational and cultural institutions will be promoted. The tour is also launching a structured dialogue between European academics and regional / local universities and cultural professionals in order to develop networking activities, both research projects, and training exchanges both for research programmes.

To offer a rich and innovative learning experience before, during, and after the study tour, ENCATC has set up a partnership with the World Leisure Organization. Thanks to this support, participants will gain access to unique learning material such as books, videos, interviews, etc. that will contribute to deepening their experience about this strategic world region.