General Information

Third World Leisure Expo – Leisure: Better Life

The Third World Leisure Expo is sponsored and hold by the Hangzhou Municipal People´s Government and the World Leisure Expo.

The main activities are defined by the Exhibition – World Leisure City Case Museum, the Conference – World Leisure Development International Summit Forum, the Line – Leisure experience demonstration line and the Festival – Hangzhou Citizen´s

Exhibition – World Leisure City Case Museum

Located in Hangzhou International Expo Center, including the opening ceremony of the Third Leisure Expo, as well as assorted festival activities during the exhibition.

Conference – World Leisure Development International Summit Forum

Relevant international speakers will gather and discuss about the most relevant topics in the leisure field. Some of the sessions are:

  • Leisure and Well-Being
  • Leisure Industries, Digital Leisure and Innovation
  • Leisure, Sports and Sustainability
  • Leisure, Recreation and Community Development
  • Leisure Education

Line – Leisure experience demonstration zone line

Integrating the District and County of Hangzhou, packaging the leisure case demonstration area line of the Third World Leisure Expo, opening to the public (preference) during the opening exhibition, demonstrating international leisure case created by Hangzhou international tourism and leisure center combined with the construction of new town.

Festival – Hangzhou Citizen´s Leisure Festival

The primary venue is located in Wushan Plaza. Activities with featured leisure themes will be organize in the city of Hangzhou city.

The Second World Leisure Expo which gathered over 15 million visitors from China, Asia and the World consist of a series of exhibitions, festivals, conferences, trade shows, and special events.




  • Opening Ceremony: 20th. October 2017
  • WL Forum: 20th. – 21st. October 2017
  • Closing Ceremony: 12th. November 2017

Stunning Location – Hangzhou

  • A modern and growing city of 6 million with over 35 million visitors annually
  • An economically and culturally vibrant metropolis
  • Easily accessible form its international airport and by high-speed train from Shanghai.

Unique opportunities to:

  • Exhibit and Network with the Chinese and international markets
  • Meet International and Chinese Leaders in trade/ education/ travel and tourism
  • Gather Information on new developments in economic development, technology and quality of life
  • Increase Trade Relationships with China – future opportunities are immense
  • Recruit students, professionals, and business partners
  • Be a part of the most significant leisure event in 2017!!!