General Information

The World Leisure Expo which gathered over 15 million visitors from China, Asia and the World consist of a series of exhibitions, festivals, conferences, trade shows, and special events.


  • Opening Ceremony: 20th. October 2017
  • WL Forum: 20th. - 21st. October 2017
  • Closing Ceremony: 12th. November 2017

Stunning Location - Hangzhou:

  • A modern and growing city of 6 million with over 35 million visitors annually
  • An economically and culturally vibrant metropolis
  • Easily accessible form its international airport and by high-speed train from Shanghai.

Unique opportunities to:

  • Exhibit and Network with the Chinese and international markets
  • Meet International and Chinese Leaders in trade/ education/ travel and tourism
  • Gather Information on new developments in economic development, technology and quality of life
  • Increase Trade Relationships with China - future opportunities are immense
  • Recruit students, professionals, and business partners
  • Be a part of the most significant leisure event in 2017!!!