MA Huidi is the Director and Distinguished Researcher at the Center for China Leisure Studies, Chinese Nation Academy of Arts and the President of The Professional Organization on the Leisure Philosophy in China and is affiliated with the American Academy of Leisure Science and the Research Committee of Leisure for International Sociological Association.

Since 1995, Dr. Huidi has been doing research on leisure phenomenon. Starting in 1998 she organized and translated a 5-volume “Western Works in Leisure Studies” translation series first set and in 2003 she organized and translated the second set.

Dr. Huidi has published about 80 papers and 5 monographs on leisure studies. She also did advisory and consultancy work for policy making regarding Urban Creational Space and International Conference. She hosted and completed multiple projects on the relationship between Leisure and Civilization from government. Dr. Huidi also planned the China Annual “Leisure and Social Progress” Conferences in China 14 times between 2002-2015.

Her research areas include: leisure philosophy, leisure sociology and cultural leisure.