Dr. John Tower

Honorary Research Fellow, Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living, Victoria University, Melbourne.

Research Director, Bon Leisure Consulting.

John Tower is an Honorary Research Fellow at Victoria University’s Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living, and the Research Director for Bon Leisure. He has worked in the leisure, recreation and sport industry for over 35 years with a particular interest in community recreation and sport participation and the delivery of community leisure services. His research has a focus on the management, marketing and community benefits of local leisure and aquatic centres. In recent years, John has been leading research to explain the benefits to local communities through residents’ participation at aquatic and recreation centres.

His recent publications include editing the World Leisure Journal’s special edition on leisure management. He has over 30 presentations at international, national and state based conferences, symposia and congresses in every continent except South America and Antarctica.

His first book publication, Marketing National Parks for Sustainable Tourism (Wearing, Schweinsberg & Tower), was published last year. This provided John with the opportunity to expand on the important role of marketing to address the needs of diverse and sometimes incompatible target markets.

John is very active in the management of professional leisure associations through his work as the President of Australian and New Zealand Association of Leisure Studies (ANZALS) and the Executive Committee of World Leisure Organisation.