WLO understands the importance of the legacy and engagement of the different stakeholders, being aware of the impact of international events at economic and social level. The added-value of WLO international events comes from sharing knowledge, building a like-minded community. Also, within a fast-pace technology world WLO events embrace digital elements and new formats to support and provide a prior, during and post event learning and interaction experience to participants.

WLO events aim at becoming a global platform in the field of leisure to meet face to face, to experience, to interact and to learn from peers from all over the world. Some of the upcoming congresses and events are: the biennial WL Congress, happening in August, 2018 in Sao Paulo (Brazil); the biennial WL Expo and Forum in Hangzhou in (China) and the 2019 WL Games (sports games) in Laixi, Qingdao (China); and the biennial 2020 WL Congress in Pinggu, Beijing (China) and 2022 WL Congress in Dunedin (New Zealand).

WL Congress Bid 2024 is now open for applications!


16th. World Leisure Congress,
Pinggu - Beijing,

September 2020

The 16th. World Leisure Congress in 2020 will be hosted in Pinggu – Beijing.


After the success of the 15th. World Leisure Congress in the city of Sao Paulo (Brazil), we are inviting you to our upcoming congress in Pinggu, Beijing in 2020.

Keep your eyes open as more information related to the congress will be published soon.

17th. World Leisure Congress in 2022
Dunedin, New Zealand

December 2022

The 17th. World Leisure Congress in 2022 will be hosted in Dunedin – New Zeland.


(Congress bids are under review)